We shall be looking at the following pointers

●       Method of extraction

●       Broad vs full spectrum

●       Third-party lab testing

●       Organic hemp

●       Testimonials

Method of extraction

There are a number of methods used to extract CBD from hemp plant matter. Some of the methods employed never adhere to food standards. Some methods use solvents that will not be fully filtered out of the CBD. These chemical compounds will find their way into the body and do more harm than good.

The internationally coveted and vouched method is CO2 extraction. This method produces pure CBD without remnants of any harmful compound.

Broad vs Full spectrum

We have already looked at the difference between these two. Despite broad-spectrum offering a percentage of the entourage effect evident in full-spectrum CBD, it serves a special group of people. Professionals who undergo regular tests need to choose between the two.

A good CBD company will label all their products and also have one for everyone. The label should be authentic with a logo or stamp.

Third-party lab testing

There is a reason why a good CBD company tests its products with a third-party reputable laboratory. There is no better way to ascertain or certify if what a company is selling is CBD. There are tales of buyers getting duped and buying products having less than the advertised CBD or none at all.

All third-party lab tests are crowned with a certificate of analysis. To you, the buyer, be keen to understand the amount of CBD in your chosen product so you understand its potency. You should also check for any other chemicals found in your products. These can be additives such as flavors for edibles or chemical remnants of the extraction and processing phases.

Organic hemp   

Where is the hemp from which your CBD company extracts its phytocannabinoids? Were the hemp plants organically grown? Organic growing methods ensure kittle chemicals get into your final CBD Products. The safety of your CBD starts at the farm where hemp plants are cultivated.

There is a significant difference between marijuana and hemp. These are words used interchangeably to mean cannabis. Looking at the two in detail, there is a significant difference. Marijuana has more THC content than CBD while hemp has more CBD content than THC. This makes hemp the best for CBD extraction.

Bottom Line

After understanding what each extract contains, it is easier now to select a Cannabis product that suits you in the market. If a product is not labeled, then there is a possibility of having unwanted compounds in it.

As the cannabis market continues to expand, more counterfeit products are also flowing in for equilibrium. Companies are coming up quickly some of which do not adhere to rules and regulations. Get products from certified companies and majorly those with a good reputation.

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