Women advocate for a majority of the world population and have a wide range of concerns health-wise. They experience many issues emotionally, physically, and in matters of health. For these reasons, their continued use of CBD and its products is being researched widely.  

We might note that CBD products are being used widely all over the world as many are still discovering their uses. In this article, we want to find out why women have indulged in the use of CBD much more than men.

Why do women use CBD products more than men?

CBD has been proven though to a small extent to have many benefits medically to all its users worldwide. Some of the benefits are; treatment for cancer patients, anxiety, chronic inflammation, seizures, pain relief, child epilepsy, and many other problems that CBD helps mitigate. 

In women, CBD is said by some of the product sellers to help them alleviate some of the natural conditions that they experience;  CBD helps women solve or improve their condition. Here is a breakdown:


CBD through different applications helps women improve their skincare skills and improvement of their skin. CBD contains some serious anti-inflammatory benefits that help improve skins that have conditions like radical damage, dry and rough skin, and inflammations in the skin.

CBD also helps fight acne that is caused by the over-production of sebum by reducing its production. This helps improve the skin and does away with all the wrinkles. 

CBD helps women who have attained menopause

To maintain a normal life and help them with some of the emotions that accompany menopause such as menopause anxiety that renders them sleepless at night. CBD is administered to help them get enough sleep and reduce insomnia that might come at times during perimenopause.

At menopause, the skin is equally not healthy with wrinkles. As aforementioned, CBD helps in oil production by the skin which makes your skin look healthy.

CBD improves their sexual life

In many various ways such as; it helps reduce dryness and help improve intercourse. Many women are turning to CBD to help them improve their sexual life and also help reduce pain during sex.

It helps keep them moisturized, increases pleasure, helps in flexing their muscles during sex, and at the same time helps mitigate sex anxiety. It also helps set a good mood for intercourse.

Mixed with beauty products

Women are again using CBD which is applied on the skin or dosed into the system to enhance beauty. This is made possible by strengthening hair follicles, helping get rid of dark spots, and mostly facial pimples. CBD helps older-aged women to get rid of wrinkles and help them reduce spots on their skins. 

Alleviates hormonal imbalances

Women are considered to have a lot of hormones in their system. CBD has been found to regulate the release of hormones that are in the system and help them influence the way the hormones affect them.

CBD products also contain Omega 6 fatty acids that are found in the body and are known to affect the release of hormones. Therefore CBD helps regulate the way hormones are released in women’s systems. 

CBD is yet to be researched to find out how it helps women and why they are currently the highest users of CBD and its products in the market. The world is yet to discover why women are using more and more CBD products and still to discover more potentiality of CBD in helping women. 

Basing on research

There is no direct research that has been done to prove the use of CBD to be effective and helpful in treating some of women's health and physical problems. However, some researchers have focused on the CBD effect on human cells and the anti-inflammatory effects that it has on cells and glands. This has helped women with many skin disorders to improve their conditions. 

As much as this might be true, research needs to be done on how and when does one needs to use CBD to improve skin or other conditions of the skin. 

The use of CBD is not a smooth ride, one needs to be careful since it has many effects on the skin as much as it has benefits to women. Research shows that 2/10 women have not benefited from the use of CBD to treat their underlying conditions but have worsened by day and caused sleepless nights, stress levels have gone up, addictions to CBD, and many other ways that it affects women negatively.

CBD is not a reliable way and many users should consult their practitioners and doctors widely to find out the best method, dose, and what kind of CBD they use. This way reliability depends on the doctor’s advice. CBD is not a safe method since many of the sellers do not get it from reliable sources and 60% of what is sold on the market is not legitimate CBD.

We have learned that we need to seek a doctor’s advice before indulging in the use of CBD, now we must ask ourselves again, what doses do we need of CBD while using them?

CBD and its many applicable solely depend on women’s needs and where they want to apply it. If it's for the skin we need large amounts, if it's for their sexual life there might be doses as prescribed by gynecologists. There is no exact amount of CBD that one needs in the system, there is a need for women to exercise caution while they apply CBD to their bodies and systems.


We have had a look at the various benefits women get from the use of CBD to help in their moods, sexual life, menopause, and perimenopause, for skincare, and other ways in which women use CBD. For many women, CBD has been their guardian angel while to others it has been their downfall.

CBD is not a safer option especially when women are breastfeeding or when they are pregnant. Therefore, women need to be cautious else CBD will render them in painful moments. It is important to always consult a medical practitioner before trying something new.

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